Matt Bross To Juniper? I Really Doubt It

Light Reading reported yesterday that Matt Bross, the CTO of Huawei, has left Huawei and is likely heading to Juniper.  The timing of such speculation is very interesting as Juniper executive Stephan Dyckerhoff, EVP of the Platforms Systems Division, announced last week he was leaving Juniper in the near future to pursue a career in venture capital.  Some have taken the Light Reading report and Stephan’s departure as perhaps endorsing the press report that Matt Bross is in-fact heading to Juniper.

I personally think Matt Bross is not going to Juniper.  I think Matt Bross would not be a good cultural fit with the Juniper culture and his joining Juniper would be more detrimental than helpful.  I also think it would be difficult for Juniper to parade around the former CTO of China based Huawei to its top customers as a new senior executive of the company.  The more I think about this speculation, the more I conclude it makes very little sense and Juniper’s management team and board will hopefully see it the same way.